Kitten-proofing your home

Your kitten's inquisitive nature can be dangerous and we request you to kindly follow these recommendations:-

  • Keep all medicines and household cleaning agents locked up.
  • Shut the bathroom door when you run water into the bathtub.
  • Keep stringy material away from your kitten, except under your supervision.  Items like string, wool, fishing line and thread can be lethal if swallowed.
  • Do not leave rubber bands lying around where your kitten can get hold of them.
  • Close toilet lids and make sure the fireplace is tightly screened off.
  • Secure unscreened windows.  Kittens may jump out of open windows.  Contrary to popular belief, kittens don't always land on their feet when they fall and can be seriously injured.
  • Close all garage doors and appliance doors.  A warm tumble drier or a car engine may entice kittens in search of a warm place to nap.
  • Immediately place opened tin cans behind closed doors or in containers with a secure lid.  The edges of the cans are extremely sharp and can severly injur the kittens tongue.
  • If possible, replace the anifreeze in your car with a non-toxic brand.
  • Antifreeze tastes sweet to pets and is the most common feline poison.  Only a teaspoon-full will kill.  Keep all chemicals out of reach.
  • Keep easily swallowed small items such as balls, bits of fabric, baby bottle nipples etc away from your kitten.



Avoid feeding human foods and table scraps.  See below for some common human foods and their side effects in cats:-

  • Cow's milk and cheese - a kitten cannot digest this.  It will lead to diarrhea and the kitten may be lactose intolerant.
  • Chocolate - contains theobromine which is toxic to cats.
  • Onion and garlic - contains oxidising agents that can damage the kitten's red blood cells causing anaemia.
  • Raw eggs - can cause Vit B deficiency resulting in scaly skin, hair loss and diarrhea.
  • Tuna - low in calcium and too high in phosphorous.  If fed exclusively can lead to rubber jaw or a condition called "yellow fat disease".
  • Liver - too high in Vit A and may cause a painful deformity.